Global logistics, UK and Ireland distribution, warehouse storage, customised contract packaging and worldwide freight services

Transport & Distribution

Our specialised next-day distribution and transport services cover the whole of the UK and Southern Ireland.

Transport & Distribution

Our specialised next-day distribution and transport services cover the whole of the UK and Southern Ireland.

Our transport services are second to none – we deliver on time, every time. We didn’t gain our exemplary reputation for nothing. We’re professional, reliable and experts at what we do. Our ‘Handle with Care’ philosophy gives you complete peace of mind that whatever we’re transporting for you, wherever we’re taking it, it’s in safe hands.

We have the most modern vehicles, equipped with the latest technology, so we know exactly where they are at all times. And all the products we transport are bar coded, so there’s complete traceability from the moment they are loaded to the moment they reach their destination.

Full-load distribution

Working in harmony with our environmental stance and our passion for delivering the best service to our customers, our full-load distribution service offers global, eco-friendly transport services.

Whatever you need to transport, wherever around the globe you need it to go, our full-load distribution service is first class. We carefully plan journeys with our trusted regional hauliers, and link return loads to optimise efficiency. Our state-of-the-art communication and satellite tracking keeps you right up to date with the whereabouts of any vehicle – vital when delivering time-sensitive loads.

  • Comprehensive vehicle fleet
  • Environmentally friendly distribution
  • Satellite-tracked loads
  • Linked return loads

To find out more about our full-load distribution services contact us on

0161 873 7355

Distribution to UK and Ireland

From our warehouse and distribution centre in Manchester, we provide daily transport services to the whole of the UK and Southern Ireland. Always at the forefront of innovative distribution solutions, we’ve broken with tradition when it comes to transport services to Ireland. We offer driver accompanied services, which means our customers benefit from next-day delivery in Dublin and Belfast, with overnight links to other regions from these two platforms.

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Contract distribution

We’re experts in finding the right solutions for contract distribution fleets, as we know everyone’s needs are different.

If you need 100% contracted distribution, that’s no problem – sometimes products, costs and production timings demand it. If a shared or mixed contract distribution suits you best, we’ll arrange that too, to make sure you benefit from the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our comprehensive range of options takes the hassle away from you and saves you time. We’ll worry about the day-to-day managing of your distribution so you can concentrate on running your business.

  • 100% contract distribution service
  • Shared or mixed secure contract solutions
  • Livery and logo on fleets (security allowing)

To find out more about our contract distribution contact us on

0161 873 7355


Two’s company! We are ahead of the game because we surround ourselves with the best operators the UK has to offer. Sustainable relationships with the most credible and reliable hauliers in the sector is the secret of our success, but shhhhhh... that’s between us!

AKW Global Logistics has the ability to provide a variety of solutions through the country’s finest consortiums, in Partnerlink, a predominantly groupage operation and Palletline, designed for smaller consignments in large volumes. Fast, efficient, cost effective and above all, value for money.  


Partnership is at the heart of everything we do at AKW Global Logistics. So, a decade ago we formed Partnerlink – bringing together 640 vehicles, 5.4 million square feet of warehousing and over 900 staff.

Working with regional hauliers, through shared IT systems, this innovative distribution service eliminates ‘empty miles’, by pinpointing loads and equipment to find the best possible solution for both customers and hauliers themselves.

We link directly with all 18 partners that make up Partnerlink, allowing a direct, secure trunking facility, which results in less handling and transhipment, later cut-off times and earlier delivery to the end customer.

·       Partnership with regional hauliers

·       Shared IT systems

·       Direct delivery with less environmental impact

·       Shorter lead times

·       Later cut offs


We are a shareholder member of the UK’s first and best network.

Palletline specialises in smaller pallet consignments making the UK roads less congested and customers happy every single day with leading service levels and state of the art IT.

  • 3.5 Million Pallets Per Year!
  • 0.01% Damages
  • 77 Shareholder Members
  • 89 Locations
  • 12,334 Staff
  • 6,077 Vehicles
  • 9 point scanning
  • Instant PODs
  • Miles less travelled!

To find out more about our innovative network services contact us on

0161 873 7355