Global logistics, UK and Ireland distribution, warehouse storage, customised contract packaging and worldwide freight services

Our vision & mission


To be a modern, flexible forward-thinking business with a nationwide reputation that the competition aspires to, sporting financial credentials to match. To deliver an operational profit growth of 20% by 2020 in order to remain a sustainable business. AKW Global Logistics will remain agile & prevalent in the marketplace by keeping a close eye on the evolution of our customers market sectors and through investment in an engaged, ambitious workforce who are empowered to be courageous & accountable.  


To offer an unrivalled logistics service in the delivery of our business proposition & to be defined by our customers & peers as a premier logistical business. To develop mutually beneficial partnerships that supports our community role objectives for the good & benefit of our stakeholders; customers, colleagues, suppliers & the next generation. To be a business that offers refreshingly meaningful communication, enabling sustainability through trust & therefore loyalty, inside & out.


Our vision & mission will be realised through a strong engagement with all of our stakeholders, who are;

Our Shareholders

Maximum value for our shareholders will be achieved through solid business planning that extends beyond a theory & is deployed with measurable return.

Our Customers 

A premium service for an appropriate commercial value will be promised & delivered to our customers which will strengthen their own market positioning & satisfaction.  

Our Employees 

We will retain & develop our capable, enthusiastic & committed people through empowerment & engagement into the business leadership, driving positivity & diligence. 

Our Partners 

As a socially responsible business, community is key. Purchasing, charity & employment are at the heart of our cultural & ethical principles.  

The Next Generation 

Talent is critical to the sustainability of the Company; bench strength will be achieved by providing a future in logistics through education & organic growth. 

Core Values

Our core values represent our ethical behaviour and moral responsibilities that form an integrated part of our mission strategy. 

We are “4 S’s”; 

Straight – We like to talk ‘on the level’ and make it happen. 

Sorted – We provide the solution, we get it right and keep it right!

Safe – We know it’s our job to protect our people, our customers and their products. 

Sound – To us, honesty is everything, being robust and reliable is our responsibility. 

Business Principles

Our business principles represent the set of fundamental strategic beliefs and choices about what the company needs to be to be successful in its business. They are:

Operational Excellence

  • We set the highest standards of performance
  • We demand financial rigor and risk discipline, we will always maintain a fortress balance sheet
  • We strive for the best internal governance and controls
  • We act and think like owners and partners
  • We strive to build and maintain the best, efficient stakeholder systems and operations
  • We are disciplined and transparent in everything we do
  • We execute with both skill and urgency

A Commitment to Our Own Values

  • We will not compromise our integrity
  • We deal in truths
  • We have courage
  • We have dignity and foster an environment of respect, inclusiveness & humility
  • We help strengthen the communities in which we work and live

A Great Workforce & Winning Culture 

  • We employ, train & retain great, diverse employees
  • We empower our people to think, act, solve & own
  • We deal in refreshingly meaningful, direct, concise and efficient communication
  • We strive to be good leaders, who inspire, coach and council