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AKW Flaunt Manc Heritage with ‘Proud to Bee Mancunian’ Trailer Launch

19 November 2018

Being a market leader, AKW Global Logistics are constantly investing in business enhancements; our recent purchase of 16 new tri-axle curtainsiders from SDC Trailers is no exception to that.

Showcasing AKW’s Mancunian heritage and solidarity to the city, one of the new curtains, which include nine EN-XL rated curtain-side trailers and six step-frame double deck trailers, is emblazoned with a ‘Proud to Bee Mancunian’ logo, alongside the iconic Manchester Bee styled in AKW’s signature colourway.

Following on from their quirky ‘MADe FOR IT’ livery, the ‘Proud to Bee Mancunian’ design is another bold nod towards how humble the company are to be Manchester born and bred, and pays homage to their hard-working staff, 78% of which are from Manchester themselves.

AKW have further strengthened their position in the marketplace by becoming part of the Kinaxia Logistics group, who boast an annual turnover of 140 million per annum. The powerhouse brand currently employs circa 1,500 staff, operates 700 vehicles and has 1.6 million square foot of warehouse space. Kinaxia pride themselves in allowing their acquired companies to retain their legacy and brand individuality, whilst sharing the same collective vision and aspirations.

The ‘Proud to Bee Mancunian’ trailer encompasses everything that AKW represents; a buzzing hive of collaborative workers who are bold, individualistic and unafraid of nonconformity. Why do it like everyone else, if you can do it better?

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“This is Manchester. We do things differently here.”