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L’Oréal UK Ltd

World leader in beauty and cosmetics products
13-year partnership with AKW

The problem

L’Oréal UK Ltd was looking for a new logistics partner, to meet the high demands and complex requirements of their huge operation. We were invited to tender for this enormous project, so we did… and we won.

Our solution

Straight away, we devised a bespoke contract packaging solution for the good and longevity of this new and exciting partnership. This included major investments in state of the art technology and market-leading equipment. 

The outcome

Our first project was extremely time sensitive. Initially planned for three months, we managed to complete hundreds of thousands of products in less than six weeks. Our advanced equipment meant we could label, front and back, with batch coding, more than 100 products a minute.

The next project was shop floor stands. As we’re so highly flexible with production space, we managed to pull orders in their hundreds in less than four weeks, from design to delivery.

L’Oréal has extremely high-volume sleeving needs, so we invested in a fully automated sleeve applicator line, with the highest quality steam finish. This market-leading system produces up to 100 sleeves a minute, and each year we produce around 9 million mascara sleeves for the UK market.

It is true that L’Oréal has found a reliable and honest partner in AKW Logistics. We're continually fascinated at their agility and willingness to be flexible to support the partnership.

Litsa Smith, L’Oréal