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Top Benefits Of Shrink Wrap Packaging

17 September 2018

Shrink wrap is a plastic film that can be wrapped around a huge variety of products, no matter what their size or shape is.

What is shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrap is a plastic film that can be wrapped around a huge variety of products, no matter what their size or shape is. Heat is then applied for the plastic wrap to reduce in size and shrink around the item. This way, the wrap tightly encases the item and matches its shape. Shrink wrapping can be conducted in different ways with the use of a shrink wrap machinery which can wrap, heat and seal all at once to optimise the efficiency of product packaging.


The process of shrink wrapping is used within a wide range of industries because of its versatility and optimal protection capability. Below are just some of the most common applications of shrink wrapping:

  • Shrink wrap packaging for food
  • Shrink wrap packaging for printed materials
  • Shrink wrap packaging for pharmaceuticals
  • Shrink wrap packaging for hardware and software
  • Shrink wrap packaging for stationary, cards and gift wrap
  • Shrink wrap packaging for videotapes and CDs
  • Shrink wrap packaging for toys, games and sporting goods


No matter what the size and shapes of the products you offer, it is essential to keep in mind that packaging plays a vital role in the safety of your merchandise. In addition to this, attractive product packaging provides the most effective first impression. Read on to know the top benefits shrink wrap packaging have to offer:

Shrink wrap can protect the items enclosed within it from dust, moisture and dirt which can potentially damage a product. Shrink wrapping provides a seal of plastic protection which ensures your product remains in the best condition.

The shrink film is made from a sturdy and durable plastic thus, it's very difficult to tear and puncture. With this feature, it allows the product to stay intact even through a harsh transportation condition. What's more, shrink wrap has the capacity to stay tightly wrapped around its contents without sagging or becoming loose and is not altered by the sun or extreme cold.

Another major benefit of shrink wrap packaging is that it can be used for products of many shapes and sizes which makes it convenient for a wide range of industries.

Shrink wrapping prevents product interference or tampering as it becomes obvious due to the tight seal. This is the reason why this method is preferred by pharmaceutical, food and banking industries.

Space Saving
Shrink wrap only requires minimal space compared with cardboard or other bulky plastic packagings. It can also wrap several items together which ultimately reduces the cost of transporting.

Aesthetics and branding
Shrink wrapping can also be a form of advertising as words, colours, pictures and logos can all be added to shrink film.

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